Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Library 2.0

Wow, interesting reading on Library 2.0, especially the future of libraries. Dr. Wendy Shultz expressed the future of Library 4.0 "...the dream society will need libraries as mind gyms, libraries as idea labs, libraries as art salons" which will include all of what libraries had to offer in the past. Wow, I want to work at a library that has an idea gym and art salon. Neat stuff, and concepts. Nice to think of library's future as gaining more creative interaction with the public. No chance for anything to get stuck in one mold.

Library 2.0 is so highly interactive, and gives library users some leverage as to be like a "programming director". Library is about the public, so making sure we expound on the "user-centered" focus will surely make us a winner. I wonder how all of this will pan out, you know, the public having so much freedom?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I browsed Technorati, and thought it was ok. Some of the blogs were "unavailable". I do like that video footage is added in the search results. I ran into a funny video "Mr. Bean - The Library." Blogs for me is a hit or miss. Sometimes I get a lot out of them, sometimes not. I will try Technorati as another approach to research if I get stumpt from using Google, or databases. Who knows, maybe a post will spark new ideas or give you some leads.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I have a account now. I like that I can view my "favorites" (websites) anywhere. I plan to create one that relates to one subject. Too bad you need to get a url to access lists of bookmarks from a particular person. Instead, you have easy access to the big melting pot of tags and bookmarks. I would love to see a list of bookmarks a specific writer used for researching a book, including the tags they use. Hey, words are their living!

Right now, I like Delicious for it's capabilities of listing websites, and being portable. I am not too into the social aspect of it, but who knows, maybe I will later.