Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finale - 27 Things

27 Things was worth the time and effort. There was a long hiatus for me in July...however, I caught up none the less due to the extened deadline. What I think was the best about going through the lessons, is the discipline of going step by step, and not skimming the surface, and only understanding these tools on a superfical level. I was familar with all the tools, but it was about time I applied myself to having more interaction with them. I am surprised at myself that I did not take advantage of Podcasts sooner. I would occasionally listen to one or two, but did not search for a variety of Podcasts. With some of the exercises, I started to get too fussy, and had to "let go"! Key word: Balance. I am glad that 27 Things was initiated, because not only will it help me at my job, but also my personal life, and goal for Life Long Learning. ¡Gracias!

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