Monday, August 10, 2009

Zoho Show

I really dig Zoho. Especially Zoho Show. You can work on a presentation, and if you are working with others for a group presentation (like I will be doing soon), you can share slides, and you can even conduct a presentation live using Zoho. Such a nice little package, with added web 2.0 tools plus all or most of Microsoft Office applications. They even have a Zoho Poll where people can vote for what idea or whatever they like best! Really neat. When I was using Zoho Sheet, which is like Excel, Writer (Word) I though it was more fun than typing from Microsoft...I don't understand it. On Writer, it is helpful that a window comes up frequently to remind you to SAVE your document, by asking you to "Enter a Document Name". There was one document that I did not want to save, which caused the pop-up to recur every couple of minutes asking for a document name, which started to annoy me. However, I had fun playing with this multi-purpose web tool. What a giant.

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  1. Tuula : Thanks for trying out Zoho and writing about us!

    We acknowledge that asking end-users to save the new document every time with a pop-up display, is not very intuitive and would improve on the usability in our next immediate update. We are already doing periodic auto-save of Zoho Writer documents just in case the users fails to do so on his own. For new documents, we'll only display the save dialog box when the end-user explicitly clicks on the "Save" button from the toolbar or "Ctrl+S" from the keyboard.