Monday, August 10, 2009

YouTube - the ocean of videos

YouTube is fun to browse, especially if you are looking for people you have known from the past. I knew a singer, and found past footages of his performances. I like that you can type "librarian" and get some pretty humorous videos. I like to view animation from unknown artists, and they have a slew of them there. I found some pretty good turtorials too. I cannot think of anything I dislike about YouTube. I wonder if their is someway to have the video constantly repeat itself, without always having to click on the "Replay" button after the video ends. I looked around the site to see if it is possible, but no luck.

The video I choose to link to my blog is Genealogy or Looking For One's Own Peeps, from the Birmingham Public Library. I love any stories about Peeps and especially Peeps at the library. I remember a while back, their was a funny "Peeps Research" on SPLAT, that had a string of photos showing the Peeps adventure at the library, from the Office of Fluffy Research, Staley Library, Millikin University. I wanted to see if the cute little Peeps made it to the big screen! Looks like the two in the video below got a break! They will inspire more Peeps to follow their sugary steps. Oh, and the background music is very charming.

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