Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Web 2.0 awards - HairMixer

Ok, I could not resist this "superficial" web tool. HairMixer is something I know teen gals would love, and probably a lot of women. I think some men would get a kick at it. You can cut and paste your face onto a celebrity photo, and the final touch-ups makes the photo look realistic and professional. You get to see the finished look on a supposed magazine cover too. I remember seeing this type of application as a cd-rom, which had more advanced capabilities with choosing specific hair color & styles, and some hair salons have computerized hairstyle matches for their customers. I think this is a great free tool, and fun for a lot of people. People who like to make treasure maps would find this handy. For example, someone trying to loose weight can put their photo on the face of someone with a body they want, to inspire them to exercise and eat healthy. As many psychology and spiritual books (and The Secret) say: Visualize (see) your goal as already acheived, and it will manifest.

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